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Agility By Design


Help organizations and groups assess organizational and cultural readiness, determine realistic goals, develop implementation roadmaps , and outline what to expect in their Agile/Lean journeys. Determining the potential business value to any effort is key to setting realistic expectations and setting yourself up for success. Agile/Lean implementations can provide significant business benefit, but are also fraught with sometimes substantial challenges and pitfalls. Having an understanding of the costs, benefits, and risks up front will allow the organization to make informed decisions as to the best path forward

Agile Lifecycle Management Tooling

Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools can provide significant value to teams and organizations when implemented around their workflows, processes, and practices. Understanding how a particular tool does or does not fit your organization and how best to configure and customize it to your needs is essential to getting the value you expect. With over a decade of experience with enterprise ALM tools like Jira and Azure Dev Ops Server(formally TFS) I can help you determine how to get the most out of your tools through proper implementation and customization of: workflows, planning, tracking, reporting, governance, forecasting, testing, source control, and CI/CD


Instill Agile/Lean values, principles, and practices with teams and leaders to ensure they have the ability to continuously evolve their Agile implementation as they mature and their needs change. Coaching builds on training to help solidify team members understanding and become self-sufficient. It goes well beyond the basics to include areas such as leadership, cross-functional organization design, technical practices, architecture/design, product planning & budgeting, and implementation scaling

Measurement & Forecasting

Help organizations and groups utilize the data within their existing PLM tools to develop flow based metrics that provide deep visibility into the their progress in their journey and the maturity of their teams and organization. In addition to measurement, leveraging delivery data to improve and streamline the product forecasting and planning processes while significantly reducing the estimation burden on development teams


Provide tailored Agile/Lean training to teams, Product Owners/Managers, and organizational leaders so they have the foundation necessary to begin implementing and executing their product development efforts in an Agile manner. For more mature organizations and teams, customized training can be provided that help them further improve their execution and implement Agile at scale


Work with senior leadership to understand and plan changes necessary in culture, organizational design, skill sets, architecture, tools, workflow, and process to undertake their Agile/Lean transformation. The process will engage leaders in technology, product, project management, finance, and potentially other areas of the business to ensure enrollment and ownership of the effort with each of those leaders. From there we work with the same group along with team members throughout the organization to collaboratively develop a roadmap that provides everyone a 100,000 ft view of where we want to go and helps generate buy-in at all levels of the organization